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Questions about getting married in Red River Gorge or Natural Bridge, Kentucky

Questions you might have


Where are you located?  We are in the Red River Gorge which is about one hour southeast of Lexington, Kentucky.

How do we book? Complete the form under the contract link and we’ll email you back within a day or two with our availability for the date or date range you have chosen.  Once we firm up a date and time, we’ll send you our contract information and you complete it and mail it back to us with a 50% retainer fee.  When we receive the contract/retainer fee, we’ll add you to the calendar.  The remaining balance is due on the day of the wedding.

What months of the year do you have weddings?  All year ’round!

How far in advance do you book?  We are currently booking all dates for the 2018 season.

Do you perform same-sex weddings.  Yes we do.

I know your max says 40 wedding guest for your reception venue for your Sandstone Package C, but is that “really” your max?  Yes it is.  Absolute 40 max wedding guest (this includes children) + the bride and groom equals 42.

Do you take credit cards?  At this time we do not.  We accept checks, money orders or cash.

Do you allow dogs at the ceremony/reception venue?  Yes we do.  Let us know if you are planning on having your pup at your Gallery 33 reception so we make sure we have doggie accommodations for him such as a water bowl and place to rest his bones.

When is the best time to have a small wedding with you?  We have found the best time is ceremonies Monday-Thursday later in the day.  The area is pretty much empty and the lighting is simply beautiful.  But really the timing depends on the location that you choose.

How do I choose a location?  You do not need to choose a location before you book.  Once you book with us we’ll send you information for each specific location with many more photos and specific information about the terrain, suggested footwear and lighting.

Do you book the cabins for us?  No we do not, but we do provide you with a list of great cabin rental companies and lodging options in your welcome kit you receive once you book with us!  Check out our Services Page to see what services we provide.

My Uncle is a minister and would like to perform our ceremony.  Can we do this?  Yep!  You can bring your own officiant as long as they are doing it for no charge.  When you complete your contract, you must write at the top in very large letters:  “Own Officiant” so we know.

I have a friend who is a photographer.  May we bring our own photographer?  We are a professional photography company so we do not allow other professional photographers.  With this being said, your guest are welcome to bring their own non-professional photography gear and snap away.

How to we receive the photos?  After your wedding, you’ll receive an online gallery link to your wedding day photos.  You will also receive a coupon code for the number of photos that came in your package.  After submitting your coupon code, you’ll be able to download those images and any additional images you might want.

I really don’t want to wear a wedding dress.  Would it be ok if we simply wore jeans or even shorts?  Of course!  This is YOUR wedding…wear whatever you would like!

We love to camp.  Would we be able to hike to a location, have our ceremony and camp there that evening?  Of course!  As long as it’s a legal camping spot you are more than welcome to stay after your ceremony in your special spot for as long as you like.  We usually leave right after the ceremony to give the two of you a moment alone.  If it’s not a legal spot, we can help you find a spot close by.  If you plan on camping overnight in the gorge, a permit is required and can be purchased at the Shell, Marathon or Gladie Center.

Can we invite guest?  Yes!  Depending on the package you purchase, you can invite up to 10 wedding guest.  We want you to have the people you want to witness such an important occasion. We would need to know how many people beforehand, as this will help us determine a ceremony site to accommodate everyone and to ensure that we are following the Forest Service guidelines.

Do Children count as guest? Yes.  Every person coming to the wedding counts as a guest and should be included in your guest count.  In many cases, children actually take up more room than an adult once you include their stroller and diaper bag.

Can my dad walk me down the isle?  Of course!  If you look at our photography gallery, you will see that many of our weddings have the father walking the bride down the isle.

What if it rains?  For the Red River Gorge, our backup location is Gallery 33, just right off the Slade exit.  It’s a beautiful art gallery that is super easy to find.  We can also do this if it’s too hot…if Uncle George broke his ankle the morning of your wedding…etc.  The only time this is not an option is if there is a wedding in there on that same day and they are using it at the time of your ceremony.  It has plenty of room for parking and is close to the Red River Gorge exit making it easy access for all the wedding guest.  If you are renting a cabin that can sleep the number of guest you have attending the ceremony, we could have the ceremony there providing it is in the general area and we are able to phone the cabin rental company and get verbal approval from them.  Most of the cabins in the area simply cannot accommodate more than a few cars and this is not a possible option.

Are we able to reserve a spot for our ceremony?  Our locations are on National Forest Public Lands.  It is on public property and no part of it may be reserved for any activity.  But we do make every effort to keep our ceremony times and locations away from the more popular spots to ensure as much privacy as possible.    

Is the marriage license included in your packages?  No.  In order for you to be legally married in Kentucky, you must visit a County Clerks office and apply for a license.  This is a very simple process that usually takes about 20 minutes and you walk out the door with a copy of your license, which you will bring to the ceremony.  There is no waiting period in either state.  County Clerks can be found in any county courthouse (you do not need to purchase it in the same county as the ceremony location) and their office hours are more than likely found on their website.  The license usually runs around $30.