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Surprise Proposal!

What a perfect Sunday!

Maggie And Zach did things a little differently.  They booked My Tiny Wedding BEFORE they were actually engaged!  True story.  They signed the contract and booked us.  About a week later, Maggie emailed me asking if they could do a scouting session to see the sites.  They wanted to do it soon before they went back to school.

So, when they came out for their scouting session, Zach was busy with his point and shoot camera taking pictures of each of the locations.  At each of the locations he was very animate about knowing exactly which angles I was going to shoot from…little did I know this was because possibly he was a little nervous about what he was getting ready to do and he was keeping his mind occupied.

When we arrived at “THE” location, they both knew.  He handed me his point and shoot (I have no idea how to work those little things!) and asked me to take a picture of them at the overlook.  I said, sure…why not?  Next thing I knew he pulled out a little red box, got down on one knee and was popping the question!  I don’t know who was more surprised…me or Maggie!  Neither one of us had any clue what was going down!  She started crying…I started crying…it was all messed up!  lol.

It was then they told me that they had started tinkering with the idea of marriage and found our website.  They knew immediately we were perfect for them….so they went ahead and booked us!  They knew eventually (sometime before their actual wedding date) they would become engaged…they just wanted to get the date locked down before it was too late.

Zach actually had the ring before Christmas…but waited until this perfect moment to pop the question.  He’s a smart man!

Dave and I are excited to help make their day a beautiful one in May!